CarFax® Used Cars For Sale in McKinney, TX

Top Reasons to Buy a CARFAX One-Owner Vehicle

A CARFAX one-owner vehicle is a used vehicle that comes with an authentic CARFAX vehicle history report showing that it has only had one previous owner. Such a vehicle offers many benefits over an ordinary used car, including:

Good Condition

Whether it's a one or five-year-old model, a one-owner car is generally in better condition than a used car with multiple owners. The vehicle's owner is more likely to take good care of it since they had to spend a larger amount of money to purchase it new. This means they would have probably driven the car more carefully and kept up with the maintenance schedule.

A well-maintained one-owner vehicle has fewer worn or damaged components, making it less prone to mechanical failure. Therefore, you don't have to worry about it breaking down in the middle of nowhere and needing expensive repairs. This gives you the peace of mind to fully enjoy your car. A used vehicle with many previous owners is likely to have some major issue that people don't want to deal with, which is why it changed hands multiple times.

Low Mileage

A CARFAX one-owner car or SUV is usually a relatively new vehicle, meaning it shouldn't have racked up many miles. As such, it likely has less wear and tear and a lot of life left in it. Also, many one-owner cars are vehicles that have just come off a lease. As leased vehicles, they previously had a limit on the number of miles they could be driven, so you can expect them to have lower mileage than a normal used car of the same age.

Valid Warranty

If you purchase a one-owner used Kia that's only a few years old, you'll have warranty coverage for several more years. As a testament to its dedication to quality, Kia offers a fully transferable 10-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, five-year or 60,000-mile basic warranty, five-year or 100,000-mile anti-perforation warranty, and five-year or 60,000-mile road assistance services. With the Kia warranty plan, you don't have to pay out-of-pocket for repairs on certain components, which can significantly reduce the cost of vehicle ownership.

Up-to-Date Features

Since it tends to be a late-model-year vehicle, a CARFAX one-owner vehicle is most likely equipped with advanced tech and safety features. For example, if you choose a mid-level trim of the 2017 Kia Sportage, you'll get connectivity and entertainment features such as an intuitive infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, satellite radio, and a six-speaker sound system. This model also has a long list of available active safety features including forward-collision alert, automatic braking, blind-spot detection, lane-departure alert, lane-changing assistance, rear cross-traffic warning, and parking assistance.

How to Evaluate the CARFAX History Report of a One-Owner Kia

While they're generally in better condition than vehicles with multiple owners, CARFAX one-owner vehicles may vary greatly in terms of reliability, performance, and features. As such, it isn't a good idea to assume that any one-owner car is worth your investment. Before you purchase a one-owner vehicle, it's important to carefully evaluate its CARFAX history report, which contains a lot of information about the vehicle's origin and history. Take the following into consideration when reading the CARFAX report of a one-owner vehicle:

  • Use of the vehicle: The purpose for which the previous owner used the vehicle has an impact on its overall condition. If it was used for business purposes, the car will most likely have unusually high mileage, which makes it less appealing. If you're planning to buy an SUV, find out if the vehicle was frequently driven off the pavement. Off-road driving takes a toll on the suspension system.
  • Place of registration: Vehicles registered and used in different parts of the country may experience different types of wear and tear. For instance, cars from northeastern states such as New York, New Jersey, and Boston are more likely to have road salt damage.
  • Mileage: In general, vehicles with lower mileage tend to have less wear and tear and fewer mechanical problems. However, if a car has overly low mileage in comparison with its age, it means that it spent a lot of time sitting idle. In this case, you need to check the battery, hoses, and belts and probably have the fuel system flushed, filters replaced, and fluids topped off.
  • Damage history: Find out if the vehicle you intend to buy has been damaged in an accident, flood, or fire. Check to see if the car's metal reinforcement bar, foam absorber, or floor has sustained substantial damage. Also, rust, mold, or smoke damage may be lurking behind metal surfaces or inside the frame or seat upholstery.
  • Reason for selling the car: Ideally, the previous owner is getting rid of the vehicle because they want to buy another car that better suits their needs. If the reason they're selling the car is that they're sick of dealing with issues, you'll be better off getting another car.

If you want to make sure that you'll get a CARFAX one-owner vehicle that's highly reliable, consider going to a trusted Kia dealership such as Huffines Kia McKinney. As an official Kia dealership, we're required to meet Kia's stringent quality standards for pre-owned cars, meaning we only offer used cars that are in top condition. Our one-owner vehicles have undergone a thorough inspection, which saves you the hassle of having to do your own evaluation. Also, we have one of the largest selections of CARFAX one-owner cars around Corinth. Contact us today to schedule a test drive.