The Kia Forte vs. a New Honda Civic

How do drivers in the Plano area know which car is best for them with so many different cars to choose from? Many drivers take to the internet to do some research or visit multiple dealerships to test drive the different vehicles they have in mind. But sometimes you can spend hours reading reviews and comparing specs to figure out which vehicle has everything you are looking for at the price you want to pay. So we have done the hard work for you and compared the Honda Civic to Kia Forte in all the ways that matter most.

New 2018 Kia Forte Mckinney, TXNew Honda Civic Mckinney TX

Powertrain & Performance: Since we all spend a lot of time in our cars drivers from the Frisco area want a vehicle that is fun to drive as well as efficient. So if you are looking for a spirited driving experience the Kia Forte is what you are looking for. A new Honda Civic is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 158 horsepower and is paired with automatic transmission. The Kia Forte also utilizes a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that delivers more power, 173 horsepower. The Kia Forte is also available with a manual transmission for drivers in the Dallas area who are looking for an engaging driving experience.

Advanced Safety: Safety is something that everyone in the Allen area is looking for in their next vehicle. While Honda advertises all of these amazing safety features they are only standard on the top level trim. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra to have them added to select trims. The Kia Forte offers may of the same features like Autonomous Emergency Braking and Forward Collision Warning System on almost all of its trim levels.

Price & Value: When everything is all said and done the main deciding factory of which vehicle is best for you is based on price. How will each vehicle cost and for those shoppers on a tight budget the Kia Forte is what you are looking for. A new Honda Civic has a starting MSRP of $18,840. But to get the latest advanced safety features you will have to add an additional package or buy the most expensive trim level to have them standard. Which will cost you a lot of money. The Kia Forte starts at $16,700 and the latest advanced safety features don't cost as much as they do for the Civic.

The Kia Forte vs A New Toyota Corolla: The Powerful Sedan for Plano

New 2018 Kia Forte Frisco TXNew 2018 Toyota Corolla McKinney TX

Drivers from McKinney to Dallas, are searching for the best sedan with all the right mix of power and pizzazz. You might be starting the shopping process here or this site might be the next in a long line of dealership to check out. Well, while you're here at Huffines Kia McKinney, let's show you everything the Kia Forte has to offer by comparing it to another sedan in its class, the Toyota Corolla.

Power and Performance

Underneath the hood of the Kia Forte, you'll find a two-liter inline-four 147 horsepower engine that generates 132 pound-feet of torque. A newToyota Corolla, by contrast, has a 1.8 liter inline-four 132 horsepower engine that generates 128 pound-feet of torque. When it comes to the best engine, you want the faster engine to make even the drive to Frisco fun and adventurous. The Kia Forte has what you need there!

Interior Space

Whether you're taking the kids to school or shopping for groceries in Richardson, the Kia Forte has the space that you need. Inside you'll find 14.9 cubic feet of cargo space, 37.3 inches of rear head room and 53.1 inches of rear hip room. Meanwhile, a new Toyota Corolla has almost two cubic feet less cargo space than the Forte with 13 cubic feet. Plus, a new Corolla has 37.1 inches of rear head room and 43.9 inches of rear hip room.

Interior Features

There are some features that come standard on all trims of the Kia Forte that have to be upgraded on the Toyota Corolla. If you're someone who enjoys infotainment for the journey ahead, you might be disappointed with the Toyota Corolla. The base model of the Kia Forte, the Kia Forte LX, still comes with SiriusXM radio whereas on the basic model of the Toyota Corolla it's not available so you need to upgrade to a better trim or ad it on as a package upgrade. The Kia Forte LX also comes standard with power heated exterior mirrors, a new Toyota Corolla does not.

With all the interior space, powertrain and convenience you need right at your fingertips, the Kia Forte sounds like it could be the next car for you, doesn't it? Well, if you want to know more, come take a look at our inventory of new and used Kia Forte sedans then test drive one here at Huffines Kia McKinney! We're located just 10 minutes away from Allen, TX at 1201 North Central Expressway in McKinney. See you soon!

The Kia Forte vs A New Nissan Sentra

Frisco car shoppers considering a compact sedan model will find that the market has several affordable options, but chief among them is the Kia Forte, which bests the competition in several aspects that are important to drivers.

New 2018 Kia Forte Plano TXNew 2018 Nissan Sentra McKinney TX

Competitors like the Nissan Sentra may interest Plano car shoppers, but those drivers should keep reading to find out how the Kia Forte has more to offer than the competition in areas like:

Power and Performance

The athletic build of the Kia Forte isn't just for looks as its 2.0-liter engine packs more horsepower, 147, and torque, 132 pound-feet, than the Nissan Sentra's 1.8-liter engine, 130 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque. On top of this, the impeccable design of the Kia Forte is lighter than the Nissan Sentra, so Dallas drivers will feel and use that power more easily.

Cabin Room

Being able to stretch out is one of the key parts of your comfort while driving, and Allen passengers will find cubic feet of room in the Kia Forte than in the Nissan Sentra. The Kia Forte is only an inch wider than the Sentra, but it uses its space better so that there is much more shoulder room for each row, which keeps you from bumping elbows.


Cars are smarter than ever and they make your drive easier than ever, but the Kia Forte goes the extra mile in terms of convenience. There are tons of ways to connect your phone to the audio system in the Kia Forte like Apple CarPlay™ and Android™ Auto integration, which aren't available in the Nissan Sentra, and it's easier to control your favorite apps and music through the 7-inch touchscreen or steering-wheel-mounted controls.

Additionally, both models offer driver-assist safety features, but the Kia Forte's package with Lane Departure Warning and Lane Change Assist is more extensive than the Nissan Sentra's, so it warns Richardson drivers of more potential hazards before anything bad happens.

Interested in finding out more about the Kia Forte? Then stop in at Huffines Kia McKinney today to see it and take it for a spin!