When it comes to making sure your vehicle is running at its best, routine maintenance plays a significant role. At Huffines Kia McKinney, we have a team of expertly trained mechanics who can do the work for you. Our crew is dedicated to providing you with service you can trust and customer service you'll appreciate. Don't forget that keeping your car healthy will keep you happy. The benefits really are self-explanatory. 

Why Is Vehicle Maintenance So Important?

Keeping up with routine maintenance and following a schedule offers many benefits. From oil changes to tire upkeep, different services simply must be performed to keep your vehicle running at its best. For example, keeping old, dirty oil in your vehicle's engine can cause premature engine wear, deposit buildup from the engine, and even cause engine failure. When you keep up with routine oil changes, your car will benefit from the clean oil. Fresh oil provides better lubrication for a smoother running engine. 

It is also essential to keep up with routine tire checks, battery checks, and other system checks to ensure your vehicle runs at its best. When tires aren't checked as they should be, you risk having a flat tire, needing an extended space for braking, and generally having less reliable tires. You should also have your brakes checked to ensure you can stop properly, make sure fluids such as windshield wiper fluid are full, and check that all lights are working correctly. Each of these routine services helps to keep you and others on the road safe. 

What Does a Maintenance Schedule Look Like?

No matter what type of vehicle you have, whether it be new, used, truck, car, or SUV, there are some general guidelines when it comes to a maintenance schedule. These tasks may need to be tackled monthly, every three months, every six months, and even once a year to serve your vehicle best. It's important to understand when to complete various maintenance tasks.

Each month there are a few things you should do yourself to help prevent costly repairs. You should make sure that your check engine light is not on, check your tire pressure, and make sure your lights are working. Every three months, or 3,000 miles, you should generally replace your engine oil and filter, check lights inside and out, check tire pressure and tread, and check power steering, transmission, as well as windshield wiper fluids.

Every six months, or 6,000 miles, it's recommended to check windshield wipers and your car battery. Once a year, or every 12,000 miles, you should get your brake system checked, coolant and transmission levels topped off, and have your steering and suspension system checked. While this schedule is a rough guideline, it gives you an idea of what you can expect on a yearly basis. Your vehicle's manufacturer will have more specific guidelines in place, but this is a good place to start. 

What Services Do We Provide?

Huffines Kia McKinney is proud to offer a variety of maintenance services right here at our dealership. We can change your oil and oil filter as recommended by your vehicle's owner manual. We also provide options to replace your brakes, if needed, to help keep you safe while on the road, as well as battery checks and replacements. If you have a used vehicle and are unsure of how old your battery is, we can perform a test to determine if your battery needs to be charged, replaced, or will continue to last. We also offer new Kia tires and provide tire rotations. 

Why Should You Choose Huffines Kia McKinney Maintenance?

With a visit to the Huffines Kia McKinney service department, you'll receive not only top-notch service but also a variety of other bonuses. There's no need to worry about getting to work and back with our free shuttle. We also offer an Express Lane Program so you can drop off your Kia vehicle and get back on the road quickly. There's also an area dedicated to late night and early bird drop-offs so you can leave your vehicle at a time that fits your schedule. 

We are open on Saturdays, so if a weekday doesn't work for you, you have that option. Our rental service is also available if you don't want to rely on someone to pick you up. If you decide to wait on your vehicle, we offer complimentary Wi-Fi. We hope that you choose Huffines Kia McKinney for all of your future maintenance needs. 

Visit Us For Your Maintenance Needs

If you're ready to get started on a routine maintenance schedule for your vehicle, visit the crew here at Huffines Kia McKinney. You can find us at 1201 N. Central Expressway and visit in person from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. We also have a convenient online appointment form, so you schedule a time online for your visit. We hope to see you soon!


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